Best Entertainment Lawyers Association

The Entertainment Lawyers Association (ELA) is a non-profit organization of entertainment law professionals. ELA provides information and support to its members by holding educational seminars, publishing newsletters, and articles, sponsoring panels at various conferences, and presenting awards at annual conferences. The association also sponsors an annual award program for outstanding contributions to legal education in the field of entertainment law.

Entertainment Lawyers Association

The Entertainment Lawyers Association is a non-profit association of lawyers, law firms, and other professionals who practice in the areas of entertainment law. The ELA is a national organization with over 1,000 members who share their knowledge and experience through educational programs and publications that help members stay abreast of developments in their field.

The ELA was founded in 1973 by a group of lawyers interested in promoting continuing education opportunities for themselves as well as others in the entertainment industry. Since then it has grown steadily while remaining true to its original mission: “to foster knowledge about all aspects of intellectual property law affecting artists and creative people.”

Board of Director Entertainment Lawyers

The Board of Governors (BOG) is usually responsible for appointing a president who will then appoint other members to work under him or her as executive officers or vice presidents. The BOG meets regularly with its members to discuss important issues in order to make sound decisions about how best to run their companies’ businesses.

The Board Of Governors has several responsibilities:

  • They hire new CEOs when necessary;
  • They approve all major purchases made by management teams;
  • They set goals for each fiscal quarter/year;

The boards have great power over both large and small businesses because most companies have only one person running them the CEO!

Mission Statement of Entertainment Lawyers Association

The mission of the Entertainment Lawyers Association is to promote, protect and advance the interests of entertainment lawyers. It also includes fostering professional development and education, promoting uniformity and consistency in the practice of entertainment law, and providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and information.

Purpose of Entertainment Lawyers Association

The ELA is a nonprofit association of entertainment lawyers, law firms, and other professionals. The ELA was founded in 1983 to provide information and support to members, their clients, and the industry. We accomplish this through our publications (including this newsletter), educational programs, networking events, and public speaking engagements by our members.

Our membership includes attorneys from major international firms as well as sole practitioners who represent both major studios as well as independent artists or production companies; we have attorneys who specialize in music law or literary rights; some focus exclusively on transactional matters while others concentrate on litigation matters involving intellectual property disputes between creators/authors versus producers/distributors or agents/managers etcetera…

Membership Benefits of Entertainment Lawyers Association

Membership benefits include networking, mentoring, and education. Membership is open to all entertainment lawyers, so you don’t have to be a member of the ABA or any other organization.

Membership does not require you to attend every event; however, we encourage all of our members to participate as much as possible in order to benefit from these valuable networking opportunities with other entertainment lawyers across various industries including music publishing, film & television production companies and talent agencies just like yourself!

Association Provides Information and Support

The association provides information and support to entertainment lawyers. The association also provides a forum for lawyers to network with each other, as well as a variety of resources for the entertainment industry.


We hope that you have enjoyed learning about the Entertainment Lawyers Association. It is an organization that is dedicated to helping entertainment lawyers and professionals succeed in their careers, as well as providing information on legal issues related to their field. We encourage anyone interested in becoming a member of this association or learning more about its benefits to visit their website today!